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Updated: Feb 22, 2019

To establish long-lasting, productive relationships with your clients you need to know channels that you can utilize to reach out to your audience, and mechanisms to do it in the most effective way.

Here are 3 channels to use to get your message and brand across.

1. Social Networks

2. Review Platforms

3. Offline Marketing

1. Social Networks account for more than a billion (!) users and offer a great opportunity to raise brand awareness and offer services to a wider audience. Most people would expect a company to have Facebook/Instagram page or some sort of social network presence in addition to a regular website.

By gathering descriptive metrics from the Facebook or Instagram pages about your customers and their behavior, you can target ads precisely in accordance with expectations of your potential clients. This can be an additional channel to explore to drive sales, answer questions that people might have, and also entertain them through giveaways, video / live streaming, etc.

So, what can you do?

- Create Social Profiles

- Use corporate design and colors of your company to make pages recognizable

- Update information regularly, use actual content, address issues in a timely manner

After the profiles are created, you might need a content-plan to make work efficient and easy. That would allow analyzing what you have to offer, create a schedule and become a useful resource for your followers. That’s very important to understand how you can add value and why people have to read you and no one else. Understanding which problems you resolve for your customers is the key to successful utilization of social channels. If you use video streaming, you might need to consider a regular schedule when you are online, choose topics to cover and allow your customers to participate in the process. Some of the options are to read comments and answer them during the cast, invite audience and engage in interesting discussions.

2. Review Platforms

Review Platforms became very resourceful as people tend to check feedback from fellow customers before making purchases or even choosing a restaurant to eat to see what potentially could go wrong. Decision making process in such cases is typically very short, brief, and any rough / emotional / powerful comment can influence final choice dashingly.

On these platforms companies can create a certain image by addressing issues or complaints and showing customers' appreciation.

The most popular platforms in the US are Yelp & Google (plus some of the niche ones, depending on the nature of the business, but we are not covering them in this article), and it is worth setting up profiles on each of them. Posting pictures, providing current information about the business, and timely answering questions and responding to reviews (good or bad) is an absolute must, hence it is necessary to set up the notifications to the mail box.

So, what you can do?

- Create profiles on Review Platforms

- Update information regularly

- Respond to the reviews in a timely manner

3. Offline Marketing

Flyers, brochures, stationery, transportation banners, outside signs, business cards, radio, newspapers, magazines and TV ads, plus referrals and partnerships with other businesses are all great solutions to let potential customers know about you and reach out to them in the real-world situations.

So, what you can do?

- Think about your strategy for customers’ acquisition in an offline world

- Find potential partners for your business and use them as referral point.

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