Photo apps that will ease your life!

And make you photo editing experience a breeeeze!

Of course you can open an old-fashioned Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom (if you have enough skills and patience), but these days it is much easier to download an app on your phone and start exploring new features in no time.

Here is the Top-5 Photo Apps that will tremendously help you discover your own style!

1. Facetune

2. Snapseed


4. PicsArt

5. Pixlr

Facetune is good for work with all kind of faces: you can whiten teeth, smooth skin, remove imperfections, etc. Available in paid and free versions. I have to say that functionality of a free version is pretty cool and impressive.

Snapseed has wide variety of filters that can be applied to a picture. You can smooth, sharpen, accentuate, make it black and white. There is wide variety of additional tools that will help you tune, contrast and tone photos. And it is free. Thanks, Google.

VSCO. Probably the most favorited app of all the bloggers out there. Great choice of filters, hands down. Though, it might be worth paying for VSCO X to get more presets (including exclusive ones), video editing features (!) and other photo editing features such as HSL that just recently appeared on the app and allows to add hue, saturation and colors. That will cost you $19.99 a year, or $1.67 a month.

PicsArt has great functionality from changing hair color to tuning up the skin tone and removing blemishes. You can also create collages, add stickers and text over the picture, use filters and change the shape of the photo to fit your Instagram feed. In-app purchases available (you can choose fancy stickers and fonts, change backgrounds, create frames, etc.). My personal favorite.

Pixlr just like any other photo app allows you to blur, smooth, sharpen a picture. But also permits to change background exposure (Splash function), and hue of the picture without having to pay for the subscription (in contrast with VSCO app).

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