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It’s been some time since I started thinking how to attract people to check a blog, Facebook or Instagram account. These days it is not an easy task as it might look like, because there is fierce competition and everyone is online. You and your ideas might catch up the hype wave, or you can disappear and get upset because no one really respects your experiences and your life at all. Everyone seems to teach, showcase, share experiences, intrigue and travel. How to be unique in this world of Instagram sharks? What to offer on Facebook pages? What to hide? What to expose?

Let’s have a look what are the best practices to get more followers to your beautiful account.

1. Quality over quantity

Instagram is all about pictures. So as Facebook and many other social networks. It is better to have fewer pictures, but of extremely good quality and with a great message. You can intrigue your subscribers and post pictures on a schedule, instead of posting them all at once. This way you create a story for people to follow.

2. Real-life pictures are good

You don’t have to hire a photographer and create a full photo set (even though it is indeed a good idea for occasional pictures). Sometimes real-life pictures from your phone intrigue and drag attention even more than retouched and highly (or mildly) photoshopped pictures. You might want to use filters though 😉

3. Be nice. Be positive.

Nobody likes whining. I mean constant whining. We are all people with our own problems, of course and from time to time you can write how you solved a problem. But when people, who don’t know you personally, open their feeds and scroll through pictures, they want to relax and let their eyes rest. Also, you have to be positive to all the negative comments and opinions, respond friendly to them and don’t take it personally and don’t argue. Your anger will only work as an oil to the fire. Be nice, be polite, and be emotionless. Also, it is a bad idea to remove negative comments. Work with them instead.

4. Be true to yourself

If you don’t like writing about hunting, not interested in cooking and dislike using filter M3 in VSCO no one really forces you to do it, but you. Your followers might be interested in these topics, but if you are not why bother? You should enjoy doing what you are doing, this way you will be more passionate about it and radiate this enthusiasm through your content.

5. Work on your pictures

Filters come and go so as new apps, that are released every single day - develop and use filters that are unique to your personal style. Only with some practice and a lot of experiments come the best personal style features that are individual to you! That’s your vision.

I will post a review of my top-5 apps that help to work with photos next week and hopefully they will help you discover your style! Stay tuned!

6. Categorize your content

Too many things to write about? Categorize your content! Make it easy for your subscribers to navigate through your profile and find topics that they are interested in. Also that would help you to understand what, where and when to post.

7. Content plan. Just plan

As much as I personally don’t like planning and enjoying spontaneity to all 200%, one has to remember: if you want to retain readers you need to plan your content. Do not post too often, - your subscribers will get tired and become irritated. Don’t post too rare either, - you might lose attention and would have to start over again to gain interest to your profile.

8. Be in a dialogue with your followers

People like when someone talks about them. Or about their interests. Or interested in their opinion and experiences. Use that to your advantage. Create polls, leave comments, answer and ask questions, respond to messages.

9. Involve followers in your stories and in your feed

Intrigue, tell the story, guide your subscribers through your feed and stories you got to tell.

10. Be proactive, not just active

Maintain contact with your followers: like their posts, follow hashtags you are interested in, comment if you feel like it and with more than just an emoji (otherwise it might feel like a mass following and disrespect all in all), tag your friends, re-post their pics in your feed or stories, that’s all up to you - be active, be proactive!

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