2019 Marketing Trends

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Consumer behavior changes all the time forcing marketers to find new ways of capturing audience, retaining interest and increasing conversions. So what are the trends of 2019? See below!

1. Content Marketing

Good content will always be your secret ingredient to success. Cohesive, clear stories inspire employees and clients of the company. Your ability to tell the story is a winning strategy on a path of developing a strong, interested, actively participating community, gain new followers and retain old ones.

2. SEO

Algorithms become more and more advanced, complex and precise in predicting people’s behavior and addressing their searches. The more you understand your customer and their needs or problems, the more chances you have to be in the top search results. There is always an opportunity to try and trick the system to get more exposure and higher ranking, say, on Google; however, customer care always wins in terms of gaining more clients through the door and making them happy, so that they come back again to do business with you and not your rivals.

3. Video Content

Video is the most engaging type of content that helps you bring in, interest and retain users. That happens because visual content allows creating stronger emotional bonds, evoke feelings that drive action (thus, increasing conversions, shares, engagement overall).

4. Voice Search (Alexa, etc.)

Voice search is a fast growing channel of the future. Have you searched for something in the internet this week? How many times have you used voice search?

Start listening to your customers.

Voice search becomes more and more popular and now covers 30-50% of all searches. Just think about these numbers.

5. Augmented Reality

Absolutely #1 technology of the future. Now you can try that beautiful chair from Amazon in the interior of your own house, see the absolutely amusing Smart Objects using Smart Glasses, and of course participate in the virtual gamescapes, that don’t look virtual anymore. And since that’s the trend of the future and the shift from smart phones to smart glasses already occurs, it is necessary to pay attention to further developments in that area.

6. Chat bots

Out of my own personal experience I can confirm that it was very easy booking an appointment to the local cosmetics store for a mini facial from the promotion that they ran on Facebook. I enjoyed the experience and thought to myself that it was very convenient and easy to do at the comfort of my own office by simply clicking and choosing options in the Messenger.

Even though sometimes they can’t resolve all the inquiries, they can be a great instrument aiding in search of the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

7. Face-to-face communication

As technologies develop and human interaction shifting downwards, it becomes more and more important to communicate with your customers and potential partners face- to-face. This is especially true if you sell expensive/exclusive services or products. But why is it influential? Because this way you demonstrate personal attention which they appreciate way more than soulless chat bots and any other (even entertaining) content that you post to your channels.

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